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May 31, 2014

5 Ways to Improve Your Website Without Overhauling It.

What are some  simple ways I can improve my business website without totally overhauling it? 1. Experiment with Video:  We’ve found that integrating well-produced videos into […]
May 23, 2014

Top Tablets for Small Biz

Tablets are everywhere now, but what are the best slates for your business? We’ve unpacked the details and created this quick list for you: iPad Air […]
May 15, 2014

Supercharge Your Email With Hosted Exchange

Email is critical to our everyday operations – a tool we could not live without, so the solution you use it just as critical.  However most […]
May 3, 2014

Get Control of Your Inbox in 5 Steps

We’re an IT company – so you can imagine how many emails we get per day; Support emails, sales emails, inquiries, emails just to say hi. […]
April 23, 2014

Partek Named as Innovation & Technology for Sponsor for Now We’re Talking Conference 2014

The “Now We’re Talking” – Community Conference 2014 is an event intended to bring together community leaders in the nonprofit, business, and government sectors to share skills […]
April 11, 2014

The Heartbleed Virus: What You Need to Know.

The Heartbleed virus has been out in the wild for a little over two years now. So why all of the panic all of a sudden? […]