Boosting Trust Online Through Testimonials

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Collecting testimonials offline is a great way to reassure prospects about the quality of the product or service you offer. Testimonials can come from a variety of sources including customers, experts, strategic partners, and the media. Using these collected testimonials on your website goes a long way to building trust with visitors. You only have one chance to make a first impression, and as new visitors come to your site they’re looking for a reason to do business with you. Having credible testimonials from reliable sources on your website is invaluable to helping with prospect to client conversion.

There are a few simple guidelines that are good to follow when it comes to implementing a testimonial plan on your website:

  • Scatter the testimonials throughout the site so that visitors can see them from various pages and in different locations.
  • Judiciously select short phrases or single sentences that are relevant to the content of a particular page. Web media differs from print in that an online testimonial carries more punch when it’s short and to the point.
  • Break a long testimonial into several endorsements on different pages of the site.
  • Consider rotating testimonials as part of your content update.

Testimonials can be effective on almost any site, as long as you don’t overdo them.  If you’d like help implementing this and other website marketing strategies, contact Partek today.