Can Twitter / Facebook Influence My Search Engine Ranking?

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YES! Google and Bing recently confirmed that social media sites Facebook and Twitter can influence your websites search engine ranking. Both Bing and Google have confirmed that links shared through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have a direct impact on search engine result rankings. Here are some of the highlights and why you need to care:

When deciding how to rank a social media link, Bing and Google look at the “social authority” of the person who is posting. This means: how many follow them and how many people they in turn follow. This adds to the value of a link in both search engines.

Other factors that are important to the search engines when indexing social media content:

  • Diversity of Sources – having 50 tweets of a link from one account, like having 50 links from one site, is not nearly as valuable as 50 tweets from 50 unique accounts.
  • Author authority – links from celebrities and widely followed users carry more value.
  • Surrounding Content – especially on Twitter, the content (messages) that go with the link are important.
  • Engagement Level – the quantity of clicks, re-Tweets, likes, etc., likely affects how much weight is given to a link.

The simplified lesson from this is that as always, quality content is king. It’s important not only to generate a high amount of content, but make sure that it is valuable and helpful. Social media is another tool to help distribute your content – it is a tactic, not a strategy. But it will help ensure that the major search engines view you and your website as authoritative experts on your chosen field. So keep on blogging and keeping on Tweeting!

This video from Google confirms their part in this discussion: