March 30, 2011

Stringam Denecky LLP Hires Partek

Stringam Denecky Law Office has seven offices across Alberta and specializes in litigation, family law, and business and real estate law. Stringam has hired Partek for online […]
March 1, 2011

Our Web Design Process | Part 2 – Building

Let the fun begin! Building (or  development), is the part of web design that should be as painless as possible if the planning stage was done […]
February 27, 2011

Our Web Design Process | Part 1 – Planning

For the next few blog posts we’ve decided to give you a behind the scenes look at our process of designing a website.  We’re unveiling the curtain, opening […]
February 23, 2011

Facebook Vs. Twitter

Probably the biggest question we get these days is: “What’s the difference between Facebook and Twitter?”. When a company decides to start engaging in Social media, […]
February 22, 2011

Can Twitter / Facebook Influence My Search Engine Ranking?

YES! Google and Bing recently confirmed that social media sites Facebook and Twitter can influence your websites search engine ranking. Both Bing and Google have confirmed that links […]
February 17, 2011

Why Small Businesses Should Care About Computer Security

With so much to think about when starting a business, it is little wonder that many start-up businesses often overlook the importance of Computer Security. In […]