Behind every great company,
is a great group of people.

Welcome to a better technology experience.

We share ideas, find new projects, and we stretch our knowledge and inspire each other every day.


Every goal we set at Partek is tied to our purpose of helping our clients succeed. As individuals, we commit to these goals and then hold ourselves and each other accountable, no matter how difficult.


There’s no sugarcoating with us. A passive-aggressive approach is never welcome. Our communication allows for real feedback both within our team and from our clients.


We value feedback on everything from customer service to response times to pricing and selection. We give credit where it’s due, own up to our mistakes, and work to find solutions to problems we discover.


We believe in entrepreneurship, not entitlement. We value hard work, passion and determination. We are determined to achieve our goals and meet the satisfaction of our clients.

James Parsons


James founded Partek with a vision to deliver exceptional service and build long-term relationships, through the delivery of expert I.T. solutions. James is responsible for the overall culture, vision, strategy, and sustainability of Partek. He is driven to inspire, improve, and create peace of mind for his clients while building a work environment that fosters the best in everyone. 

Levi Millington

Vice President, Operations

Levi takes great pride in understanding our client’s needs, and matching them with solid technology solutions to achieve top operating efficiency. His technical knowledge and motivation to explore solutions help to create a sound infrastructure in any environment.

Colbi Pederson

Web Services Manager

Colbi manages the website development and digital strategy at Partek. She is interested in creating design with purpose – something that exists to evoke a reaction. Not all designs are created simply to look beautiful, they must be functional and transparent.

Karissa Parsons

Administration & Billing Coordinator

Karissa is the first friendly face you’ll see when you come to the Partek office. She helps keeps the Partek team organized, and focuses on billing and administrative tasks to help ensure our customers’ success.

Ryan Knodel

Manager, Projects & Infrastructure

Ryan has been in the I.T. world for over 22 years and has developed some long-term relationships with clients. His passion for helping people with computer issues and questions is what keeps him driven. He brings a lot of technical knowledge and experience to the Partek team. He enjoys testing new technology, learning how it works and how to make it work for clients.

Elliot Farrer

Client Support Engineer

Elliot brings over a decade of experience to Partek. He has a passion for hardware and solving complex technical issues for our clients. Elliot enjoys learning about the latest in new technology in order to make our client’s environment’s more reliable.

Ryan Maki

Network Engineer

Ryan brings a wealth of corporate IT knowledge and experience to Partek having worked for over a dozen years as IT admin is large organization. Ryan’s friendly personality and passion for helping people with computer issues and questions is what keeps him driven. Ryan enjoys learning about new technology and spending time in the great outdoors with his young family.

Rachel Hurley

Client Support Coordinator
Rachel recently joined the Partek team after graduating from the Medicine Hat College Information Technology program. Rachel is eager to get into the technology industry and use her passion for customer service to make every interaction with our clients as positive as she can.

Zachary Basso

Client Support Engineer
Zach has recently graduated from Medicine Hat College Information Technology Program and is excited to get into the world of technology. Zach enjoys learning new things and building meaningful relationships with those around him.

Paulbert Yunting

Client Support Engineer