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See what threats are hiding in your Microsoft 365 inboxes.

Inspect emails in your organization to discover threats hiding in your employees' inboxes.

Uncover critical vulnerabilities within your Microsoft 365 email security.

98% of organizations with Microsoft 365 have malicious emails in their mailboxes. Barracuda Email Threat Scanner has identified more than 10 million spear phishing attacks sitting in organizations’ email environments.

Identify which employees are the highest risk of a security breach.

Spear phishing and domain fraud put your organization at risk. Using artificial intelligence and API integration with Microsoft 365, Barracuda Email Threat Scanner identifies which of your employees are most targeted by attackers.

Identify threat types, your DMARC status, and more.

16,000+ organizations have run this scan and discovered advanced threats in their inboxes. It’s 100% free and you’ll start seeing results within minutes of starting your scan.

Identify email threats that have bypassed your email gateway.

Barracuda’s AI platform understands the email sender’s intent which allows it to accurately identify social engineering attacks. Gain a detailed analysis of each email threat categorized by timestamps, employee attribution, threat classification, and an overview of your domain’s DMARC status.

Identify which threat types you’re most exposed to.

Break down the type of each threat identified and determine which types of threats have the biggest impact on your mailboxes.

Determine which of your employees are most at-risk.

Email threats aren’t distributed equally across all your employees. Determine which employees in your organization are the most at-risk. 

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