Important Changes to Partek Support

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As a growing technology company that is focused on providing outstanding customer service, we feel it’s important to constantly evaluate the way we do things in order to bring better service. That’s why we’re introducing a new way to contact Partek for support issues, with our new Support Portal. This isn’t a negative change, it’s an addition to our support process — a necessary & exciting change to our business.

Our support mission is laser-focused: Getting support from Partek using our support portal will be one of the easiest and most convenient ways to get your technical problems solved. There you have it.

Going forward there will be two easy, and convenient ways to request support from Partek: You can use our Support Portal to open a support request, otherwise known as a ‘ticket’. Or you can email and the support request / ticket will be opened automatically.

Once you’ve opened a ticket you’ll receive a case number. This is an electronic paper trail to show that we have received the case and it has been logged in our system.

As our company grows we feel this will be a critical component in providing customer service to our clients. For that reason we’re encouraging all of our clients to use this system effective immediately.