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Why Consumers Want to See the Human Side of your Business, and How Social Media Can Help.

The internet has changed. That’s no earth-shattering statement or anything new. We all know that the reason we go online now compared to that ten years ago is entirely different. It’s become the social platform of choice and has made the world a lot smaller – bringing people together across the globe who might not have met otherwise. But what has this done for business? A lot actually! It’s created the ability for companies to become more than just brick and mortar buildings with face-less radio spots and zero-personalty newspaper ads.  With social media we have the ability to truly show the human side of our companies. To show our customers, our suppliers, even our competition, who’s really behind the doors operating the business day-to-day. This is really important, because above all, people are coming to expect this. They want to know they’re dealing with a company that truly cares, and doesn’t just say they do.

4 ways to make your company more human:

  1. Don’t just sell! Talk about your business, share funny stories, describe your staff. Do everything but sell every time you’re on social media. Your fans will lose interest quickly if all you’re doing is selling.
  2. Respond to customers: Complaints or praises, treat them the same. When a fan posts on your Facebook page, or directly tweets you, make sure you take the time to respond to them.
  3. Be honest: Customers want honest and open relationships with their suppliers of choice. That’s why they’ll come back time and time again. For example, if they feel they’re getting the most honest opinion on the way the home security system market is changing, then they’re more likely to come to you to purchase their home security system.
  4. Own it: People are talking on social media about your company whether you know it or not. Make sure you’re part of the conversation. Monitor the social media networks, build a fan base, and follow the three rules above to show that your company is more than just a quick money grab.

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