Web Project: Laura Snyder Realtor

Project Description

Laura Snyder approached Partek unhappy with the usability and appearance of her current website. Laura had previously had an excellent brand designed by a local graphic design firm, Flag 5, but it was not present on her website. The website was also difficult to navigate, with a number of static and unengaging areas.

After sitting down with Laura to determine her goals for the website, we used her current platform to redesign the entire layout and appearance of her website. We started out by displaying her brand as the star of the website, creating a cohesive and personal brand experience. Laura's brand has a focus on her local community and its neighbourhoods, so we wanted to highlight these communities in an engaging way. We created an interactive map on the home page of her website using the map graphic from her pre-existing brand. Each neighbourhood icon links to a page displaying information, location, and her current properties for sale in that neighbourhood. The blog feed on her website creates continuous engagement with her audience and links directly to her social media feeds for efficient and effective marketing across all of her platforms.

Since launching the redesigned website, Laura's website users are engaging more often and for longer with her website. Her website has seen a dramatic increase in average session duration (up 5 minutes and 40 seconds since a month before launch) and pages per session (up 5.42 pages since a month before launch). Her website has also seen the bounce rate fall from 77.71% to 21.96% since a month before launch. If the data continues in the direction it has been, its only good things from here!

Project Details

Laura Snyder Realtor

May 15th, 2018
"Partek has become an integral part of my business. They not only manage my real estate website, they work with me to continuously improve my reach online, are there to provide great advice and problem solve when needed. They are a smart, creative team that always provides the highest level of customer service. I highly recommend Partek to anyone looking to elevate their online business."

- Laura Snyder