Measuring Our Performance

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One of the biggest conversation pieces we have with new clients is their need for a quick response time. When you’re dealing with technology that runs your company, response time is critical. We’ve taken great steps to ensure our response times and customer service is at it’s best possible levels, which is why we’ve decided to share some of our process and results with you today.

All of the support cases that come into are automatically entered into our support database. This great tool from allows us to manage all of our support cases, prioritize them, and deal with our customers in an orderly fashion. What’s really great about this app is our ability to centrally manage all of our client’s information, support history and existing support issues.

To date in 2012 we have resolved 442 cases with an average response time of 42 minutes. By utilizing this business insight we can make sure we’re constantly striving to maintain our customer service levels.