How Partek Does Christmas

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Okay, we’re all busy, especially at this time of the year, and we’re just about to stuff our faces with great food, so the last thing we wanted to give our clients as a thank you for their business this past year, was a box of chocolates (Not that we judge those who do…..we’re just different).

Last year we partnered with Plan Canada and decided to support their Gifts of Hope. We continued where we left off from last year and gave a mango tree on behalf of each of our clients. These mango trees help students hone their gardening and agricultural skills. Girls are rewarded for attending school with an extra helping of fruit from the trees to bring home.  These mango trees growing in schoolyards allow children to focus on their studies instead of their hunger.

Thanks to all of our clients in 2010. Our success wouldn’t have been possible without you. Here’s to an even better 2011 and more mango trees!