What Is V-Logging and Why Does My Business Need It?

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Video blogging, also known as v-logging, is a blog that is in the form of a video.  It is posted by the blogger, on the Internet through web media.  Most commonly, these v-logs can be found on websites such as Vimeo, or the most well-known site, YouTube.  V-logs use web syndication, which allows the video to be viewed on multiple websites.

V-blogging is an excellent way to reach potential clients and customers.  Firstly, it is cost effective in that posting v-logs are free and they allow you to connect your videos to your website, Facebook pages, Twitter, and your written blog.  It is another way for you to connect with your past, present, and future clients.  Secondly, it sets you apart from your competition. Consumers are much more informed and spend time researching the product or service that they are interested in.  Video is another way to attract those consumers.  Thirdly, it is simple.  The camera can be as fancy as your budget and you can blog the posts yourself!  Customers want to see the faces behind the products and they want to feel a connection with them.  If they feel a connection to you, and feel they know you through your blogs, they are more likely to use your business above all others.  Gone are the days when big corporations hide behind their logos and slogans.  The Internet is becoming two-way instead of one way.  Lastly, video blogging is another way for your clients and customers to find you.  If done correctly, the videos can be found when your company or business is searched in Google.  So, you are providing another channel in which your business can be found on a daily basis.

Video blogging is another form of presenting your business on the Internet.  If you have a website, are looking to direct more traffic to your website, and you are comfortable in front of a camera, v-logging is a good marketing tool for your business.

Here’s an example of one of the great v-logger’s: http://garyvaynerchuk.com/