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Okay, so I know what you’re asking: “What is a technology company doing writing about books?”. Well we’re in the business of helping other businesses. It just so happens that we do that through technology, web, and marketing. But every once in a while we like to provide other snippets of information to help our fellow business owners succeed in running their business. This just happens to be one of those moments.

Having run a business for several years, I’m always looking for ways to improve; How can I run my company better? Improve customer service? Market better while saving money? Become more focused? This list of books answers those questions, and more, and is my definitive list of books that, I believe, every small business should read.

In no particular order:

1. Duct Tape Marketing –  by John Jantsch

I’ve read this book three times now, and have bought into this system entirely. John Jantsch introduces marketing concepts that are as reliable and cost-effective as Duct Tape. Duct Tape Marketing® is the first small business marketing program that treats marketing as an integrated system. At the core of the system is a series of steps and strategies, in various stages, that any business, regardless of size, can use to finally produce stunning returns from a consistent marketing effort.

2. Driven (How To Succeed In Business And Life) – by Robert Herjavec

Robert Herjavec has lived the true rags to riches story, from emigrating to Canada with only $20, to building and selling several million dollar technology companies. The insights and behind the scenes look at the shows Dragons Den and Shark Tank  have been interesting. More interesting though, are his insights on business pitches, the story of how he succeeded, and his advice for entrepreneurs.  A great read, and one I’ll probably re-visit soon.

3. Guerrilla Marketing – by Jay Conrad Levinson

Sometimes referred to as the “father of small business marketing”, Jay Conrad Levinson’s most popular and often quoted book is in its fourth edition and demonstrates examples of marketing techniques and tricks. Guerrilla Marketing is very well written, concise and it certainly fires up the imagination with its high quality, up-to-date content. No wonder it’s the most popular small business marketing book ever written with over 15 Million copies sold. The updated edition contains content that includes this as a must read book for 21st century marketing, with chapters on blogging, email, podcasting, social media, and more.

4. Why Now Is The Time To Crush It! Cash In On Your Passion – by Gary Vaynerchuk

The social media revolution has changed the way we live our lives and conduct our business. There are billions of dollars in advertising moving online, waiting to be claimed by whoever can build the best content and communities. Despite this change, many businesses continue to ignore the major marketing and public relations benefits that can be found online. Gary Vaynerchuk, who made millions with his online wine review videos and use of social media, explains how to approach yourself as a brand and use the internet to build your business.

5. Linchinpin – by Seth Godin

A linchpin, as Seth describes it, is somebody in an organization who is indispensable, who cannot be replaced—her role is just far too unique and valuable. Seth then goes on to say that you need to be one of these people. To not be one is economic and career suicide. This books explains how to become a “linchpin” by doing work that you put your heart and soul into. Work that matters. Work that you gladly sacrifice all other alternatives for. It’s not what you do, it’s the way that you do it. An interesting read by a great author.