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Partek’s full-featured business VoIP solution.

Our business phone solutions are designed to fit the needs and budget of any organization, whether on-premise, or fully hosted in the cloud.

Enterprise-grade features.

All-inclusive pricing model.

Fully supported solution.

Tailored solutions to improve communication and collaboration within your organization.

Partek Voice is the smarter way for your business to take advantage of Unified Communications (UC) and collaboration tools – without a high price tag. Features like chat, video chat, quick dial, status, presence, call routing and recording, as well as call flow rules that all work together to allow your staff and clients to interact more efficiently.

Scale as you Grow

Deploy a communications solution that will scale easily as you grow. Partek's Business VoIP solutions are designed to enhance your existing workflows and keep operations flowing smoothly, while providing the infrastructure and support to increase productivity.

Unified Communications

Modern businesses require a modern communication solution. Partek's complete Unified Communications (UC) platform can integrate all the ways your business communicates into one system, making everyone in your business more efficient. UC makes real-time communication intuitive and well-organized.

Call Encryption and Security

VoIP is safe and secure, even as data packets travel through the internet. IP phone systems have built-in security to stop bad actors from tapping your calls. VoIP technologies like TLS and SRTP scramble call data making eavesdropping near impossible.

What is VoIP?

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) is a type of phone system that allows you to make voice calls using an Internet connection instead of an analog phone line.

If you have an internet connection, you can call anyone without the need for traditional, local phone services. The best part is that you aren’t bound to a specific location. You can use a VoIP phone number via a business phone app to turn your computer or any mobile device into a phone.

What are the advantages?

VoIP's advantages over traditional phone services:

Use your phone service wherever you work.

You can use a VoIP phone number via a business phone app to turn your computer or any mobile device into a business phone, which is a huge perk if your staff have the option to work from home. Unlike a landline phones which are hardwired into a physical location, a VoIP business phone makes and receives calls over the internet and are not bound to a specific location.

Advanced features

Our VOIP services offer features such as call forwarding, auto attendants, conference calling, and voicemail to email, all easily accessible from any device. Auto attendant is a VoIP feature that answers and directs calls to the correct extension, or to your voicemail outside of business hours.

No hard wiring necessary.

Traditional telephones use analog lines to carry voice signals. VoIP requires no additional wiring installation and instead converts your phone calls into data that is sent over the internet. You can use the Ethernet cables or skip them entirely if you have a strong Wi-Fi signal.

Lower cost

Many consumers and businesses alike have realized substantial cost savings by converting services to VoIP, compared to a traditional phone system or on-premises PBX.

High-quality sound

Reduce dropped calls and fuzzy voices. With HD Voice capabilities, the sound quality of your phone calls is dramatically increased. This VoIP technology makes phone calls sound twice as clear as a standard phone call.

Find the right plan for your business:

Partek Voice Remote

$ 28 / user per month
  • Cloud-based Calling
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Soft-phone
  • Ideal for remote and
    work-from-home users

Partek Voice Basic

$ 39 / user per month
  • Cloud-based Calling
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Centralized Management
  • Advance Calling Features
  • Voice to Email

Partek Voice Office

$ 47 / user per month
  • Cloud-based Calling
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Centralized Management
  • Advance Calling Features
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Local Appliance
  • Handset / desk phone included

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