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Disaster-proof your business.

Plan ahead for operation during an unplanned disruption in service that could leave your employees unable to access work-critical applications.

Enforce a Disaster Recovery Plan for handling I.T. disruptions to networks or servers.

Your business continuity plan must ensure that your entire business infrastructure can be recovered within seconds.

Safeguard against the risk of irreparable damage to your businesses data, reputation, customer relationships, income, and vitality.

Resilient, uninterrupted operation of your IT infrastructure.

Partek will make sure that if disaster strikes, your entire infrastructure is available almost instantly, empowering you to continue your business operations without losing any data, incurring any damage, or experiencing any downtime.

Business Impact Analysis

Identify critical business functions, dependencies, and potential risks and assess the impact of disruptions on your operations. Develop a comprehensive understanding of your business's requirements and develop strategies to ensure continuity.

Continuity Planning and Strategy

Determine recovery time objectives and recovery point objectives that align with your business goals. Design a comprehensive strategy that includes data backup and recovery, redundancy measures, alternative infrastructure solutions, and emergency response protocols.

Data Backup and Recovery

Implement data backup and recovery solutions that ensure the availability and integrity of your data in the event of system failures, natural disasters, or cyber-attacks. Partek will determine the most suitable backup methods, cloud solutions, and regular testing to ensure data recoverability.

Infrastructure Resilience

Design and implement resilient architectures that minimize single points of failure and increases the availability of your critical systems. Assess your infrastructure vulnerabilities, implement redundancy measures, and provide disaster recovery solutions to ensure that your systems remain operational even in the face of disruptions.

Incident Response and Recovery

In the event of a disruption, a well-defined incident response plan is crucial. Partek works with your team to define roles and responsibilities, establish communication channels and coordinate recovery efforts to minimize the impact on your business and expedite the recovery process.

Testing and Training

Business continuity plans and strategies are only effective if they are regularly tested and validated. Partek provides training and awareness programs to ensure that your employees are well-prepared and know how to respond during a crisis, minimizing downtime and maximizing your organization's resilience.

Your data is your business.

Protect your business by understanding your vulnerabilities, safeguarding against the risks.

Prepare for the worst possible business disruption with a plan for business continuity and disaster recovery that will shield your data, protect your business, keep your systems available and reliable – and ultimately help reduce your total operating costs, long term.

Downtime is Common

90% of companies experience some form of downtime, which may result in loss of data, security, productivity, and revenue.

Down Time is Money

An hour of downtime costs $8,000 for a small company, $74,000 for a medium company, and $700,000 for a large enterprise.

Disastrous Situations

Disasters that cause downtime may be a result of hardware failure, human error, software failure, or natural disaster.

Recovery is Painful

The average time it takes a business to recover from disaster is 18.5 hours, but 43% of companies never totally recover.

A multi-layered defence strategy is critical.

It's important to recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all security solution that can completely eliminate all risks for every organization. Partek's managed security solutions are designed to detect, prevent, and mitigate the risks associated with cyber attacks, ensuring the security and continuity of your business.

Training and Awareness

Teach your staff about the dangers of social engineering, phishing, and enforce security best practices. We know even the most educated staff members are not immune to human error. Education on its own is not adequate ransomware protection, but it’s an important piece of the overall security of your business.

Multi-Layered Email Security

A multi-layered email protection solution, where Partek provides AI-based protection against spear phishing, account takeover, and business email compromise. Detect personalized fraud in real-time to protect against business email compromise and account takeover.

Threat Detection and Response

Fully-managed endpoint security solution that protects your hardware, software, and cloud to ensure your business computers and data remain safe and secure, allowing for both proactive and immediate response to the latest threats.