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James Parsons


James founded Partek with a vision to deliver exceptional service and build long-term relationships, through the delivery of expert I.T. solutions. James is responsible for the overall culture, vision, strategy, and sustainability of Partek, as well as business development, M&A, and account management. He is driven to inspire, improve, and create peace of mind for his clients while building a work environment that fosters the best in everyone. 

Levi Millington

Vice President, Operations

Levi plays a pivotal role in optimizing client success through strategic technology solutions, overseeing day-to-day operations to ensure peak efficiency and surpass service level agreements. His client-centric focus and innovative problem-solving contribute significantly to the development of robust infrastructures, underscoring his integral role in Partek’s commitment to excellence.

Colbi Pederson

Web Services Manager

Colbi spearheads website development and digital strategy initiatives at Partek. She believes in the fusion of beauty and functionality, understanding that designs should not only look pleasing but also deliver seamless usability and results. Colbi is responsible for internal marketing at Partek, as well as any of our solutions that involve web services, such as development, web hosting, domains, and infrastructure.

Ryan Knodel

Projects & Infrastructure Manager

Ryan has been delivering IT services and solutions for over 22 years. His passion for helping people with computer issues and questions is what keeps him driven. He brings a wealth of technical knowledge and experience to the Partek team. Ryan is responsible for projects as well as the management of infrastructures such as our hosted and cloud solutions, on-premise infrastructure management, and SaaS applications.

Elliot Farrer

Systems & Support Administrator

Elliot brings over a decade of experience to Partek. He has a passion for hardware and solving complex technical issues for our clients. Elliot enjoys learning about the latest in new technology in order to make our client’s environment’s more reliable. Elliot is responsible for remote and onsite technical issues that typically involve hardware-level support. 

Ryan Maki

Network Administrator

Ryan brings a wealth of corporate I.T. knowledge and experience to Partek having worked for over a dozen years as I.T .admin in a large organization. Ryan’s friendly personality and passion for helping people with computer issues and questions are what keep him driven. Ryan is responsible for the support, management, and maintenance of network-level solutions such as firewalls, switching, and wireless. 

Rachel Hurley

Client Support Coordinator

Rachel manages our support queue and procurement processes. Her passion for customer service helps make every interaction with our clients a positive experience. Rachel is responsible for ensuring the correct technical resource is assigned to service requests, as well as coordinating hardware, software, and licensing deployments.

Zachary Basso

Client Support Specialist

Zach assists clients with front-line remote and onsite support. Zach enjoys learning new things and building meaningful relationships with those around him. Zach is responsible for initial triage of technical support issues ranging from software to hardware. 

Paulbert Yunting

Client Support Specialist

Paul has over eleven years of experience working in the I.T. field.  He takes pride in communicating and problem-solving with clients to ensure their concerns are addressed. He enjoys taking on new and challenging tasks in order to increase his knowledge and skill set. Paul is responsible for initial triaging of technical support requests ranging from hardware to software, cloud applications, and end-user support. 

Erin Vossler

Office Manager

Erin is the first friendly face you’ll see when you come to the Partek office. She takes care of Partek’s administrative systems, bookkeeping, vendor relationships, and supports day-to-day operations. Outside of work, you’ll find Erin out and about in Medicine hat with her three kids popping by her favorite coffee shop or hitting up a local park. 

Karissa Parsons

Administrative Assistant

Karissa ensures the smooth and efficient operation of the Partek office. She provides general administrative support, such as ordering office supplies, managing inventory, and coordinating maintenance and repairs. 

Matt McIvor

Account Manager Managed Services

Matt has over a decade of experience in technical support, customer service, and project management experience with State and Provincial government clients across North America. He is committed to understanding the unique challenges and goals of your business. Matt’s objective is to utilize Partek’s tailored IT solutions not only to address your current needs, but to lay the foundation for future growth and success.




Kayden Bojakli

Client Support Specialist

A passion for problem-solving and customer satisfaction drives Kayden. Armed with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and experience in technical projects with Alberta Health Services, he excels in software and database management. Kayden is a collaborative team player ready to tackle diverse challenges head-on.

Jason Wilhelm

Jason W.

Client Support Specialist II

With Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering, Jason brings over 18 years of IT experience. With a passion for all things ‘tech’, he is driven by a desire to solve the unsolvable and continuously increase his knowledge and skill set. Jason has a knack for customer fulfilment and technical simplification, all while striving to become a diverse ‘Jack-of-all-Trades” in the IT world.

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