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Website Hosting

Premium Cloud Website Hosting on our dedicated Virtual Private Server.

Partek's dedicated private server will ensure that your website performs well, remains secure, and scales with demand.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate

Unlimited traffic – 99% uptime.

Powerful DDoS protection and security control.

Reliable, secure, and high-performance website hosting.

A robust hosting infrastructure ensures that your website loads quickly, provides a seamless user experience, and remains accessible at all times.

Premium Cloud Hosting

$ 380 / annually

Performance & Optimization

VPS hosting allocates each website its own set of resources on the server which won’t be impacted by other website demands for better performance overall.

99.9% Uptime

Never miss opportunities to engage with a customer and trust that your visitors will see always be able to access your website.

Global Data Centers

Accelerate load times with US, Europe, or Asia-Pacific data centers.

PHP Upgrade & Configuration

Ensure your website runs as fast as possible and protect against security vulnerabilities found in older versions of PHP.

Apache/NGINX Tuning & MySQL Optimization

Speed up load times through the core software of your web server.

DNS Configuration

Get a precise setup of any complex DNS changes you need.

HTTP/2 Server Configuration

Allows for multiplexing to significantly improve site performance and server efficiency.

Website Security

VPS hosted website resources are individually controlled which greatly reduces the risk of cross-website attacks, which is vital if you plan to process payments or sensitive information on your website.

DDoS Protection

Minimize the threat from distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks and protect from malicious network activity.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Partek’s VPS server is safeguarded with a powerful intrusion framework.

Server Hardening & Security Audits

Regular assessments are performed to alert us to any potential server vulnerabilities.

Automated Back-ups & Database Recovery

Rewind time in case of emergency.

SSL Certificate Implementation

SSL Certification included to ensure data is encrypted and protected from intermediary actions.

Are websites without an SSL Certificate ‘not secure’ ?

Are websites without an SSL Certificate ‘not secure’ ?

Have you run into a webpage that looks like this? This error is present on all websites without a valid SSL Certificate on the Google Chrome Browser. What is an SSL Certificate? SSL (Secure Socket Layer) was developed in 1994 as a method for increasing security between a website and its…

Partek hosted websites include an SSL Certificate for the security and encryption of your website traffic.

The primary importance of an SSL is to keep sensitive information sent across the Internet encrypted so that only the intended recipient can access it. Having an SSL certificate for your site is an essential step in protecting your site and its visitors.

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