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Business Email Compromise – one of cybersecurity’s costliest threats.

Business Email Compromise – one of cybersecurity’s costliest threats. According to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, Business Email Compromise scams are one of the most common types of fraud affecting Canadian businesses. Small businesses are particularly vulnerable to Business Email Compromise attacks because they may not have the same level of cybersecurity measures in place as larger businesses. […]

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‘Tis the season for cyber scams and festive phishing

Holiday Shopping Hazards Shopping online can save you time during the hectic holiday season, but it also comes with risk. While shopping scams happen year-round, cyber-attacks tend to surge during the holidays. It’s especially important during the holiday season to carefully examine any email that asks you to click a link, download a file, or […]

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What is Phishing?

What is Phishing? “Phishing” can mean a handful of different things but generally encompasses all socially engineered email attacks, regardless of the specific malicious intent. Here are a few of the other terms we use throughout this report and how we define them: Bulk phishing: High volume, indiscriminate, “commodity” attacks in which the same fraudulent […]

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What is a phishing email?

Do these Emails look Phishy? Phishing (pronounced: fishing) is an attack that attempts to steal money or data by getting you to reveal personal information on websites or through emails that pretend to be legitimate. Often requesting credit card or banking information, passwords, or login credentials.   The following are some common examples of Phishing […]

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How to detect a phishing email?

With the recent increase in Ransomeware infections instigated through phishing emails, it is critical to take proactive measures to protect yourself and your organization’s security. Vigilance in detecting phishing emails and educating your employees to be proactive and recognize risk is a crucial step in protecting your organization. Don’t trust the display name Just because […]

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The optics of using free email as your business email

What email address do you use for your business? Does it end with,,, or   There are inherent risks that should be enough to avert you from using a personal email account for business purposes. Personal email accounts exist outside of your I.T. companies control and they are not subject to […]

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Microsoft issues critical Office 365 phishing warning

Microsoft 365 customers could be at risk. Microsoft has issued a warning on Twitter for users of its Office 365 service that a potentially malicious app called ‘Upgrade’ is going around to hundreds of its customers via consent phishing emails. Microsoft says the email asks for users to grant OAuth permissions to create inbox rules, […]

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Top Online Scams of 2021

Recent reporting from CTV News describes the top five scams that Canadians fell for in 2021 Even though many overseas scam boiler rooms and call centers closed down at the beginning of the pandemic, Canadians spent more time online or on social media, which made many people more vulnerable to investment fraud, romance scams, and […]

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How hackers use phishing emails in ransomware attacks

Phishing attacks work because people like to click on things. Hackers carefully tailor attacks to their victims by collecting publicly available personal information about them and playing to their sense of urgency to get a response. The attackers only need one person within your organization to click on the link or open an attachment. A […]

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Are you at risk for a Cyber Attack?

6 best practices to secure your business You can’t go long without seeing another headline about a cyber-security breach impacting a high-profile company. In recent years, cybercriminals have gotten their hands on millions of social insurance numbers, passwords, company trade secrets, and more. Security breaches have increased 67% over the past five years and companies […]

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Phishing Emails Related to COVID-19 Vaccines on the Rise

Phishing campaigns that use the COVID-19 vaccination as bait are becoming more popular in recent months. In the same way that a year ago threat actors capitalized on the start of the global pandemic with coronavirus-related phishing attacks, cybercriminals are now trying to leverage the vaccine to steal money, credentials, and personal information. The FBI […]

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What is Business Email Compromise (BEC)?

What is Business Email Compromise (BEC)? Business email compromise (BEC), sometimes known as email account compromise (EAC), is one of the most financially damaging online crimes, and also one of the most common. It exploits the fact that so many of us rely on email to conduct business, both personal and professional. In a BEC […]

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Businesses be Aware: COVID-19 Fraud / Phishing Attacks

    Companies Facing New Threats With Coronavirus As Coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads, individuals are doing their best to stay up-to-date on the latest news regarding the outbreak. Hackers have created new attacks based on the public interest in this virus. Through our security vendors and partners, Partek has received up to date information on attack […]

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