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Empower your workforce and secure your business.

Measure, boost, and monitor employee cyber awareness. Human Risk Management is the one-stop solution for building a security-savvy workforce.

Understand your vulnerabilities against evolving cyber threats.

Strengthen your employees resilience with tailored training programs.

Measure the impact of training and combat future threats.

Cyber attackers target people, not technology.

Assessing your user vulnerability is an essential part of good cyber defence – you need to know who in your organization is most likely to fall for a well-crafted piece of social engineering. 

Drive Cyber Awareness

Identify each user's security knowledge gaps and automate training programs that tackle their risk by implementing automated cyber awareness training and personalised programs for every user.

Boost Phishing Resilience

Automate recurring phishing simulations that assess human risk to new attack techniques. Identify phish-prone users and drive human resilience.

Simplify Policy Processes

Keep your employees well-versed on security standards and processes with simplified policy management with a centralised policy library, trackable eSignatures, and automated reminders.

Measure the Impact

Monitor your organization's employee security posture over time with human risk reporting. Understand your businesses ongoing risk with real-time risk scoring, segmented by department.

Understand your human cyber risk.

Keeping your company protected and your data safe requires a layered solution that includes a combination of hardware, software, cloud, and user training.

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Multi-layer defence strategy.

Education on its own is not adequate, but it’s an important piece of the overall security of your business.

Managed Detection and Threat Response

Employ a fully-managed endpoint security solution to protect your hardware, software, and cloud to ensure your business data remain safe and secure, allowing for both proactive and immediate response to the latest threats.

Multi-Layered Email Security

A multi-layered email protection solution, where Partek provides AI-based protection against spear phishing, account takeover, and business email compromise.