Protect your business email against the latest online threats.

Block threats already in your inbox.

Partek utilizes powerful AI email security solution from Barracuda Sentinel. Traditional email filters only filter incoming emails. Sentinel integrates directly into Office 365 to find threats inside your mail system that security gateways can’t see.

AI-based threat detection.

Sentinel learns your business’s unique communication patterns to detect personalized fraud in real-time to protect against business email compromise and account takeover.

Detect threats that email gateways can't.

Sentinel detects threats that traditional email security systems can't. It integrates directly with Microsoft Office 365 APIs to detect attacks coming from both internal and external sources. It uses artificial intelligence to detect signs of malicious intent and deception within every email and alerts Partek when this occurs.
"We consider Partek to be valuable partners in our success as an organization, and we look to them first in all of our IT needs. ”

James Paulson, Information Technology Coordinator


What is account takeover and why your business should care about it?

Corporate Account Takeover presents a significant new threat to business. Hackers gain access to corporate email accounts through stolen credentials and use them to launch subsequent targeted attacks, internally and against external targets. Attacks that originate from these accounts are almost impossible to detect since they don’t leverage impersonation techniques—they come from a legitimate account and appear to be from a trusted source.

Our trusted vendor Barracuda provides Sentinel Email Security which detects both account takeover attempts and attacks launched from compromised accounts. By analyzing both historical and inbound data Sentinel is able to identify behavioral, content, and link-forwarding anomalies within your organization, and to flag and quarantine fraudulent emails. It is also able to prevent attempts to compromise employee credentials by automatically blocking targeted phishing emails that try to harvest employee passwords.

    Protect Your Business Against Email-Borne Threats