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Bullet proof your business.

Get the best balance of performance, availability, scalability, continuous upgrades, and industry-grade security benefits by leveraging managed Cloud services. 

Reliably access your email 24/7

Access your applications from virtually any device, anywhere in the world.

Industry-standard security means your data is safe and secure and with no hardware to worry about.

Forget about paying for licenses you don’t need; with software as a service, you only pay for licenses you actually use.

Your most important business applications and communication tools deserve the cloud.

Leverage the endless potential of the Cloud, create an efficient and agile operation, and stay ahead of the competition. From bare basics to fully managed, our cloud solutions are built around your technical and business requirements.

24/7 Access

When your critical applications are down, so is your business. We understand how downtime can impact productivity and your bottom line. That’s why our cloud solutions include Network Up-time Guarantees.

Increased Productivity

Collaborate with your team, share files, access data from anywhere, and increase productivity. All possible with the power of the Partek Cloud.

Industry-Standard Security

Hosted Exchange offers the security your business requires. Our fully managed Canadian data center, along with dual Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus engines, add more protection for your sensitive mail.

Our Cloud Partners

Our partnerships and in-depth understanding of the features and benefits of managed cloud platforms allows Partek to organize and strategize the best cloud solution for your business. 

Centralize your business with Microsoft 365 and use Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Microsoft Teams to meet your business goals.

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A cloud computing platform with solutions including analytics, virtual computing, storage, networking, and much more.

Leverage the Cloud to drive business efficiency.

Partek's technical knowledge and expertise allows seamless integration to the Cloud.

Cloud Strategy

Don’t get lost in the clouds.

Establishing a game plan to deploy Cloud services within your organization will help to ensure success and longevity. Partek's Cloud experts will work with you to understand your business objectives, in order to assess inefficiencies, strengthen your internal processes, and define your target architecture. We create strategies and provide custom solutions to help grow your business.

Cloud Migration

Journey to the Cloud.

Revamping legacy solutions from on-premise infrastructure to the Cloud doesn’t happen overnight. Partek employs proven strategies to guide organizations through all the appropriate migration steps, in order to minimize risk and accelerate value. Get the best balance of performance, availability, scalability, continuous upgrades, and industry-grade security benefits with managed Cloud solutions, following a thoughtful migration plan.