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What are some  simple ways I can improve my business website without totally overhauling it?

1. Experiment with Video:  We’ve found that integrating well-produced videos into a page can dramatically increase conversions. Integrating video is generally simple and can be done without redoing the basic design or navigational structure of your site. Of course, the hard part is generating great video content!

2. Create a Clear Call to Action: Many businesses lose customers because they do not provide a clear path for customers to navigate through their websites. Having clear calls to action that explicitly state what you would like the customer to do is an easy way to raise revenue with little work involved. Think about the most important business objectives you have, and then place logical buttons throughout to support the goals.

3. Include Testimonials: Putting up customer testimonials greatly improves your conversion rates. If you can add a few killer testimonials — in the form of tweets, videos or quotes — it will really increase your business website’s impact.

4. Rewrite The Content From Your Customers Perspective: So many business websites are written in a language that’s not relevant to their customers. Take a step back and look at your website copy through your customers’ eyes. You should first slash the word count by half, and then rewrite it with an eye for using plain speak versus jargon, put it into their words and facilitate skimming versus reading.

5. Your website should have an analytics package installed on it (All Partek website’s do). If it does, then analyze the data at least twice a month. Pay attention to the customer flow and drop-off rates for each page. Make the pages that have the highest average time easier to find. Analyze the lowest-performing pages and look for ways to make those stickier to keep visitors engaged longer.