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Key Outcomes:

CAPE School gets complete wireless coverage for students and staff.

CAPE school now has the ability to work within their new facility to enhance communications and productivity. With access to resources for both students and staff, the entire school can work efficiently knowing their wireless infrastructure is secure, and always there.


With the move to a brand new, state-of-the-art building, CAPE (Centre for Academic and Personal Excellence) school required an upgrade of their wireless infrastructure, including access points, switches, and firewalls, to meet the needs of their growing mobile user base.

CAPE is a kindergarten to grade nine public charter school and offers a variety of programs. CAPE offers the community of Medicine Hat an alternative within public education.


With multiple mobile devices on the network, both with students and staff, it was imperative that the solution had the capability to provide high-availability, high-speed wireless, to multiple devices simultaneously.

High availability, reliable hardware was going to be key for this project, with a focus on security. Partek knew that SonicWALL firewall products would provide the necessary security, combined with Cambium Networks wireless solutions to provide the WiFi infrastructure.  CAPE’s desire was to complete the project prior to the beginning of the school year, so Partek had to design and implement a solution quickly and efficiently while ensuring quality.


Partek added additional Power over Ethernet switches, along with the latest SonicWALL firewall solution to provide a secure gateway and backbone. Coupled with Cambium cnPilot Access Points throughout the school, Partek was able to create a unified WiFi network that provides full access to resources for both students and staff, including wireless printing, server access, network, and application access.

Cambium cnPilot access points operating on the 802.11ac band with Multi-In-Multi-Out (MIMO) capability allows for high-speed access to resources across multiple devices simultaneously.

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