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Belcore Homes

Belcore Homes is a custom home builder located in Redcliff, Alberta who is dedicated to creating unique, personalized homes for their clients.
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Belcore Homes approached Partek with a desire to maintain a reliable and contemporary website to advertise and promote their custom home building business. Their current website, in addition to being broken, was outdated and wasn’t serving their business in any meaningful way. The goal was to redevelop their website with a modern aesthetic to match the sophisticated design of their homes, in addition to updating the code, functionality, foundation, and purpose of the website. 


Their current website was not functioning due to its outdatedness, so the request for a suitable replacement came urgently. During the development process of the new website, we designed and implemented a landing page in order to maintain their search equity and drive clients to a reliable point of contact within the company. 

We reviewed the content and structure of their current website to determine which aspects were relevant and necessary to the redevelopment of their website, and which areas could be improved upon. We developed a site plan to arrange the content of the website in a captivating and organized layout, which showcases their proficiency, experience, and professionalism as custom home builders.

We also modernized their website aesthetic with a clean, modern design and high-quality photography and videography to elevate their brand and reflect their exceptional, high-end home designs.


The redeveloped website is built on a CMS platform, allowing for easier access to the back end so the staff at Belcore Homes are able to make updates and add content, like new homes or sale lots, to the website easily and efficiently.

We also restructured the navigation of the website to place focus on their recent custom home builds so the website acts as a portfolio displaying a variety of their proudest work.

Secondary focus was placed on their building process, describing the experience of working with Belcore and emphasizing the organization and talent of their team. Providing high-quality and easy-to-find information helps answer any questions a potential client may have, in addition to providing confidence in the company as a reliable and reputable choice. 

Featuring testimonials from previous clients and statistics about Belcore’s experience helps drive the feelings of credibility and trust in the Belcore brand – both important feelings to foster within a competitive industry in a small community.

We love the new website! We love how you have split the descriptions up into sections for each home. It looks great!

Brennan Strachan Owner, Belcore Homes

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