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Key Outcomes:

The Esplanade Arts & Heritage Centre has a unique position that many small businesses don’t find themselves in – they have a large database of potential customers without any clear way to communicate with them.

That’s where Partek steps in. Fly by Wire from Partek is our email marketing platform designed for businesses. It’s easy to use, completely customizable, and local, which means you can market to your customers with great looking email marketing campaigns, and have local support and service.

The Esplanade has been using Fly by Wire Email Marketing from Partek since 2012 to reach thousands of theatre, art, and music fans through creative email campaigns sent throughout the month. They use email marketing to directly contact interested users about new exhibitions, shows, and programs and to offer exclusive rewards such as pre-sales.


The Esplanade required a monthly email newsletter to keep their 10,000 fans, members, and followers abreast of the latest news, events, and shows happening at The Esplanade. 

Using Partek’s email marketing service, Fly by Wire, the Esplanade has been able to create their own campaigns using custom-designed email templates that match their branding. The custom templates are super easy to use so they can effortlessly can add content, including graphics and links, and conveniently distribute the email to directly communicate with their customers. Their email campaigns are optimized for Mobile devices, as mobile devices account for a significant portion of their email opens. Approximately 46% of all email opens occur on mobile devices.

The Esplanade is able to create specific and segmented subscriber lists based on user interests, demographics, behaviors, and preferences and send subscribers personalized and targeted emails to increase the chances of engagement. Using personalization in their email campaigns has significantly increased their engagement and conversions. They are also able to automate their email campaigns and schedule emails, creating efficiencies and consistency in their messaging. 

Fly by Wire was chosen as the exclusive email marketing provider of The Esplanade due to its ease of use, fantastic reporting options, and completely customized templates to match their new website.


Email marketing is a highly effective way to reach customers and potential customers. When used in tandem with traditional media, including a well-designed website, the return on investment can be higher than any other form of marketing. According to a study by the Data & Marketing Association, the average ROI for email marketing is $42 for every $1 spent.

Performance tracking and analytics allow for an aggregate view into the overall performance of their emails —including click-through rates, deliverability, geography, and engagement per campaign. In the Last year (May 2022 – Aug 2023), the Esplanade has sent 63 email campaigns with a 43.9% open rate. Email open rate is the percentage of subscribers who open a specific email out of your total number of subscribers – the average email open rate for 2022 according to Campaign Monitors 2022 Email Marketing Benchmarks Report was 21.5%. 

Email Marketing has served as a valuable tool in communicating directly with the Esplanades audience, ensuring that interested users are aware of all upcoming shows, experiences, and classes. They have built a large audience of engaged users over the years, providing consistent and continuous value to their client base, while seeing an excellent return on investment.

FlyByWire is an easy to use tool that Partek provides for Medicine Hat businesses to use Email Marketing.