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Windows 8Windows 8 is set to launch this month (Friday, October 26th to be exact), including a number of new versions as well as the new Microsoft Tablet, Surface.  While we’ve had glimpses of the new OS for a few months, consumers and businesses will likely have a number of questions about the update.

What will Windows 8 give me over Windows 7? Will I lose anything? Is it worth it if I don’t have a touch-based laptop? Should I get a Windows 8 laptop or go for a tablet like the Surface? Is this the time to ditch Windows for a Mac (Ok, people are always asking us this question)?

These are all important questions when you’re about to install a new OS or spend thousands of dollars on new computers. And we want to help answer your questions. We’ve spent the last few months giving Windows 8 a good going over, while also keeping an eye on the devices that will sport the new operating system.

For most people, Windows 8 will add benefits like a whole new class of simple, clean, informational apps. It also means much faster startup times, better multi-monitor support, and improved file transfer and task manager dialogs. The startup speed improvement alone will make the upgrade worthwhile for most. And the upgrade pricing is far less onerous than previous Windows upgrades: any Windows user all the way back to XP can upgrade for just $39.99, and purchasers of recent Windows 7 PCs will only pay $14.99 for the upgrade.