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With so much to think about when starting a business, it is little wonder that many start-up businesses often overlook the importance of Computer Security. In fact recently AVG Anti-Virus performed research that identified that as many as 1 in 5 start-up or single-employee businesses are not using any security software at all. We believe, given their fragile nature, it’s essential to keep fledgling businesses safe.

So what are some of the key questions businesses are asking when it comes to Computer Security?

Why is cyber crime such a common problem for small businesses today?

Cyber crime is becoming a major issue for small businesses because today’s cyber criminals are motivated by money and there is big money to be made from small businesses. In addition it is relatively easy for cybercriminals to develop or buy software to enable their fraud campaigns. They are highly sophisticated and well organized, and manage their fraud as a campaign with tools in place to manage and optimize results.

How can malware / spyware enter a business?

There are a variety of ways in which malware , or spyware, can enter a business. Some of the most common methods of entry are via malicious links on social networking sites, fraudulent or insecure Wi-Fi networks and infected or unprotected smart phones (Yes, Blackberry’s and iPhones get viruses too!)

What are the risks businesses face if they’re not protected?

Risks range from systems being slowed down and access to files being blocked, through to customer data being stolen and business bank accounts being compromised.

How easy is it to protect your business?

IT security is business critical, however it should not require much time to install and manage. Spending some time up front ensuring the right level of protection is in place and staff are fully informed should be enough to keep most businesses safe. Ask Partek about computer security and Anti-Virus solutions to help your business.