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Key Outcomes:

Transforming Medicine Hat’s premier Ford dealership with Partek 360 Managed IT Services.

The last few years have had a radical impact on the car dealership industry. From supply-chain issues, to unprecedented demand, dealerships have had to adapt to these challenges with a technology-first mindset. 

Sun City ford was utilizing a traditional break / fix IT support model prior to engaging Partek. This emphasized some of the key challenges and caused a number of efficiency and operational hurdles.


The modern dealership is technology focused.

As businesses evolve so do the solutions and services they rely on. Utilizing a traditional break / fix support method, combined with in-house IT was a struggle for Sun City to receive consistent and reliable support. Resources in-house were being pulled away from revenue generating tasks in order to resolve minor IT issues. 

Dealerships often handle sensitive customer information. The existing IT setup lacked robust cybersecurity measures, making the dealership vulnerable to potential threats.

Finally managing IT costs efficiently was challenging, as unexpected expenses often arose due to hardware failures and system breakdowns.

Sun City Ford needed a predictable IT budget to ensure financial stability.

Office 365 & Microsoft Teams has been a game-changer for us. It has enabled us to be more productive, as well as better allocate our time and resources - especially as we transitioned to remote work over the first few months of 2020.

Justin Cunningham Owner and Business Advisor


Partek 360 Managed IT Services provided consistent support with Service Level Agreements (SLA’s), resulting in faster issue resolution and reduced downtime. Systems are now remotely monitored and maintained, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Partek implemented robust cybersecurity measures, including firewall protection, threat detection, and business continuity solutions.

Security audits and regular updates ensures that customer data remains safe from potential breaches.

The transition to Managed IT Services reduced the total cost of IT ownership. Predictable monthly service fees replaced the unpredictable costs associated with break / fix support. Sun City Ford’s IT budget became more manageable and transparent.

Partek can help you reduce the complexity and costs surrounding your IT support by transitioning your business to a Managed IT Service. Contact Partek today for a free, no-obligation review of your infrastructure. 

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