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Our belief is that businesses should exist for the greater good. That may sound all fluffy and “Save The Whale” (What would Kevin O’Leary think!), but the reality to us is that although it’s important for the business to make a profit and be sustainable, it’s equally as important for us to recognize the social and economic impact a business can have on the local community and even the World.

We have big goals and ideas for this, but at the moment we’ve started in two areas that are dear to our hearts: Children and the needy. For children we’ve setup a monthly donation to the Alberta Children’s Hospital to help support their funding and research. To support those less fortunate in third-world countries we opted not to give our clients the typical box of chocolates and gift basket at Christmas, and have instead chosen to make a donation to Plan Canada on their behalf in order to fund the development of a water well. This year we were able to donate enough funds to build a well for an entire school.

As 2012 approaches we’ll be looking for more ways to give back to our local community right here in Medicine Hat.