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With so many social media applications on the Internet such as Twitter, Linked-in, video blogging, and Facebook, why do businesses still need a website?  Are websites the “old fashioned” way of doing things?

According to the writer of, “The Zen of Social Media Marketing”, Shama Hyder Kabani, having a website is expected.  In 2012, it is the equivalent to not having a phone number!  As more social media outlets emerge, a website is now standard practice.  Consumers expect to find a website for your business and when they don’t find one on their phone, tablet, or laptop they may dismiss you.

A website allows your prospective clients to see what you are all about.  They can look at your site and decide whether they will become a browser or a buyer.  The same if you walk into a dingy office, you immediately get preconceived notions about the business and how it is run.  If you walk into an office that is professional, you feel comfortable leaving your business in their hands.  You want those that “walk into” your website to be comfortable and most of all, impressed!

Social media is constantly evolving.  The most common venues for marketing socially, are Facebook, Twitter, blogging, video blogging and Linkedin.  These are meant to be supplements to your website.  They are created to draw traffic to your business through your website.  Since Tim Berners-Lee created the first website in 1991, there has been a steady increase of websites that have provided the base of the Internet.  Websites are a constant and social media is the variable.