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At Partek our focus has always been on our customer experience – whether it’s providing technical services, building fantastic websites, or helping businesses be more productive with reliable technology solutions. Now we’ve taken that to the next level by introducing our very first product – the Partek P1000.

We were tired of the conventional Smart Phone design. Through focus groups and discussions with our key clients, we determined that business owners aren’t interested in how many Angry Birds they can fire at pigs, or checking Facebook on the go. No, their primary concern lied with three key functions:

1. The ability to send and receive phone calls.
2. A way to send short 140 character messages to another person, or Text Messages.
3. Reliably send and receive emails.


Armed with this information we set about developing a handset that does those three things, and does them well. The P1000 has no internet access, no camera, no social media capability- but it’s battery life is an astounding 92 days of standby because of this. This phone isn’t simply better than all the rest, it’s simply more simple.

Completely un-powerful, but remarkably power efficient, the P1000 is designed around business needs. It’s light body and small footprint means it will slide in your back pocket with ease – plus our proprietary alloy compound passed over 2,000 “sit down tests” proving that this device will not bend when you sit on it. Our patented “hinge” technology means your screen will fold away when your done using the phone, protecting the screen – no more screen replacements needed. Finally, our R&D department spent hours developing a keyboard with actual buttons. With this major enhancement we were able to completely remove the Auto-Correct functionality from our software, therefore gaining huge performance increases. Now you can type away with ease actually pressing the buttons you want to press.

The P1000 is certainly a game changer, these reviews speak to that:

[testimonial author=”Jeremy Gotja,”]Partek took the unimaginable and imagined something imaginable with the unimaginable P1000.[/testimonial]

[testimonial author=”Sandra Pranc,”]Simply put, the P1000 is the most simple handset ever. Genius.[/testimonial]

[testimonial author=”April Fuls,”]Pre-order now! This won’t last.[/testimonial]

The P1000 will be available Worldwide on April Fools Day 2015!