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Landing Zones Canada

Landing Zones Canada Inc. is an Original Equipment Manufacturer, that produces bespoke drones for highly specialized use cases located in Southern Alberta, servicing customers globally.
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Landing Zones came to Partek with the request to launch a website for their aerospace engineering company. We faced the urgency of establishing a credible and modern online presence within a tight deadline. Additionally, crafting compelling and accurate copywriting and designing a contemporary website that aligned seamlessly with their brand identity. 

The website will serve as one of the first online representations of the Landing Zones, playing a pivotal role in establishing credibility and facilitating sales. By providing a professional and informative platform, the website will become a key tool for connecting with partners and customers, showcasing the company’s capabilities and expertise.


Initial discussions with the team at Landing Zones focused on understanding their goals, target audience, and vision for the website. Recognizing the pressing time constraints, we adopted an hierarchy of content development and site-mapping in order to keep the project organized and on time. 

By focusing on understanding their unique value proposition and industry, it allowed us to appropriately represent their skill set and services. Collaborating closely with our client ensured that the copywriting and visuals accurately reflect their business, while resonating with their intended audience. Special emphasis was placed on highlighting their focus of environmental sustainability, a core value of the company.

We leveraged modern design principles to create a visually appealing and cohesive website that complements Landing Zones innovative and futuristic services. The design aims to reflect the technical, edgy, and modern essence of the aerospace industry, while also capturing the essence of the client’s existing brand equity and identity.


As a cornerstone of the Landing Zone’s online presence, their website serves as a powerful tool for building trust and confidence among partners and customers, playing a pivotal role in bolstering the company’s credibility and facilitating sales. Its professional design, compelling content, and seamless user experience position the company as a reputable and reliable partner in the aerospace industry. 

The website offers a sophisticated and intuitive interface that effectively communicates their brand identity and core values. With a focus on environmental sustainability, it showcases Landing Zones commitment to responsible practices, further enhancing its reputation as a forward-thinking industry leader. 

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the website was engineered for optimal performance and functionality. From seamless navigation to robust backend infrastructure, every aspect of the website was designed to deliver an exceptional user experience. 

By combining our technical expertise, creative vision, and unwavering dedication to meet the tight deadline, our team delivered a website that not only met the client’s immediate needs but lays their foundation for long-term success.

As a new company, we had been operating without a platform for us to connect with our current partners and potential customers. Thankfully, approaching Colbi and Partek solved our website creation and hosting needs seamlessly. To make matters more challenging, we had approached Partek with pretty significant time constraints for going live with a new website and to our pleasant surprise that posed no issue. Colbi had turned around with a fully fleshed out website with graphics and copy that only required minor revisions to manifest into a mutually satisfactory product. The professionalism Colbi and Partek presented in being able to go live in such a short time frame and with such a high level of design was tremendous. Following, the process to hand off the website to our company, meaning we are now able to support content changes internally as well as to request assistance has been very simple and comprehensive. We would highly recommend Colbi and Partek for your website deployment needs if what you are looking for is a streamlined process and a professional platform.

William Fraser Contracts and Regulatory Admin, Landing Zones Canada

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