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Key Outcomes:

Partek helps top tier law firm, Pritchard & Company, improve their IT and security posture by building a reliable Information Technology infrastructure.

A new server infrastructure was implemented with room to handle the growing firms’ data needs, as well as the latest software requirements for practice management. Partek worked along side third-party vendors to ensure a new Practice Management solution was implemented.

The new Managed Services platform allowed Pritchard & Company to focus on their business while Partek managed the technology behind it. Service Level Agreements were implemented to ensure that issues were triaged and responded to appropriately.



For years Pritchard & Company made do with a sub-par IT infrastructure. Downtime is critical to this professional service so ensuring operational efficiency is a must. What’s more, law firms are entrusted with client data that is sensitive in nature and the need to maintain a secure environment is critical.

As a leading law firm with over 30 years of practice, Pritchard & Co. represents a wide range of clients in complex matters. They require a reliable, secure, and efficient IT infrastructure that was able to grow and scale with them. With outdated hardware, software, and core equipment, the reliability of their IT systems was consistently in question.


From the start it was obvious that Pritchard & Company required a fully managed services solution that incorporated proactive monitoring, device management, and a fully engaged help desk with service level agreements.  Critical hardware needed to be upgraded, and an up-to-date Practice Management solution was required. Backup and security remained a priority throughout the development of the solution.


Partek immediately implemented our Partek 360 Managed Services solution, deploying agents across the entire network to gather critical data points. Outdated hardware was replaced, and software was standardized. Partek was able to migrate Pritchard & Company to a new IT management system within a matter of a few weeks.

I have to make a remark to express my extreme gratitude for the way Partek handled our issue. Not only did the issue get resolved, Partek went over and above to actually correct the underlying issues... If it were not Partek taking the extra time to understand our problem, and how we needed to amend the situation, well we would still be faced with issues that not only add to our workload but also our frustration. Thank you kindly, I cannot say enough to justify how grateful we really are.

Kelly Sanders Pritchard Law
Kelly Sanders Pritchard and Co. Law Firm

Your IT infrastructure is the foundation on which all other technology initiatives are built and can provide a competitive advantage in today’s fast-paced business environment.

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