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Every business depends on an accounting application of some kind to process payments, print cheques, handle invoicing. If you’re like many SMBs, you probably depend on QuickBooks for exactly that. And, if that’s case, you’re not alone; Recent statistics show that QuickBooks is the favored accounting software for more than 29 million small businesses in the US alone. You may have QuickBooks on server or computer in your office. You might have even heard about QuickBooks Online, but you’re wondering if it’s worth all the trouble. Did you know that it’s probably more convenient and easier to Host your QuickBooks in the Partek Cloud?

Hosting in the Partek Cloud vs. Quickbooks Online

Why go to all the trouble of hosting with us, when you can just use QuickBooks Online? The answer is simple. Hosting QuickBooks in the Partek Cloud gives you a lot more advantages than QuickBooks Online. There are a few reasons:


When you buy QuickBooks Online for Small Business, you’ll have to pay a monthly fee that can range anywhere from $13-$40 a month depending on the plan you choose. When you host QuickBooks in the Partek Cloud, you pay for your Quickbooks license and then the resources required to host it. In other words, you pay only for what you need, when you need it. This means you pay only for the amount of RAM, disk space and bandwidth your cloud server uses to run your QuickBooks application plus the required configurations. Compare it to an electricity bill. If you use more electricity one month, your bill goes up. If you use less the next month, your bill is lower. Your cloud server will also bill you once a month, based on your consumption per hour, but you can save more money because you control the way you use your resources.

User Experience

If you’ve been working with QuickBooks for a while, you’ve grown accustomed to using the same features to manage and pay your bills, generate your invoices, create purchase orders or even track your inventory. Moving to a hosted QuickBooks solution won’t change that. You won’t have to learn how to use different features or find new ways to deal with services that aren’t offered on QuickBooks Online. You won’t have to import your files from your current account to a new interface either. Nothing changes. The features you use today in your desktop version will be exactly the same in your QuickBooks hosting solution available on your remote desktop!


Since we offer the Partek Cloud as a Managed Services, you don’t have to lift a finger. Issues like technical support and security updates are handled by us.


One of the advantages of using a hosted solution for QuickBooks is that you can access it from anywhere at any time and on any device. This means your accountant can print cheques or financial statements on a Saturday morning without setting foot in the office. It also means that up to 30 people can access the application and work on the same document all at once! That’s not quite the case with QuickBooks Online. The basic plan gives access to only one person at a time. If you want to provide access to more people, you’ll have to upgrade to a more advanced plan. And more features means a higher monthly payment. Hosting QuickBooks in the cloud will allow you to control who can view sensitive documents or files. The basic plan for QuickBooks Online doesn’t offer this kind of feature. Again, you’d have to upgrade to a more advanced version.

Disaster Recovery

What do you do when you’re hit by a fire or flood and your computers collapse? If you have physical servers and no backup solution, you can lose your data. The Partek Cloud offers service level agreements to guarantee that your cloud infrastructure will remain up and running no matter what happens.

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