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Email is critical to our everyday operations – a tool we could not live without, so the solution you use it just as critical.  However most businesses are using email solutions that are sub-par or just not designed to keep up with the demands of their business. This is where Hosted Exchange can help.

Partek Hosted Exchange utilizes the power of the Partek Cloud to deliver amazing features of big business email systems, with a small business price tag. Email has become such an integral part of our communications systems, we no longer think about the technology it runs on, until you have an outage. With Hosted Exchange you can receive a 99.999% uptime gaurantee, which means you never have to worry about not having an email. If you ask any of our existing Hosted Exchange clients when the last time their email went down, they’d have a hard time telling you. With traditional email solutions such as POP and IMAP, you’re relying on your internet service provider or your website host to keep your critical communications platform running – this isn’t their core business.  In short, Hosted Exchange allows you to focus on your business and not worry about your communications platform.

Other enterprise level benefits can be seen from an efficiency perspective. Features such as shared calendars and contacts, out of office assistants, and true synchronization of folders across multiple devices. Not to mention the best in-class spam filtering and email messaging security available. All of this as well as security and reliability allow for an email solution that is scalable, affordable and designed to meet your growing business needs.

If you want an email solution that you can depend on, ask us about Partek Hosted Exchange.