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Swift Current & District Chamber of Commerce

Dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in the community by actively supporting business, economic growth, and diversification.
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The Swift Current & District Chamber of Commerce approached Partek with a desire to clean up their cluttered and dated website. Their current website was built using a cloud-based membership platform intended for chamber of commerce professionals. Though they found some parts of the platform useful, the templated webpage options were stagnant, outdated, and clunky. 


We aimed to integrate the parts of their current cloud-based membership platform into a new website, with a more secure, modern web CMS platform. 

By integrating their existing platform and processes we were able to maintain their membership directory, events calendar, membership login, and other long-standing, integral web components, without disrupting current workflows or processes.

We updated and reorganized the website content, removing broken links and outdated information. The organization of written content was a major priority, as the website is resource and information based; the content needed to be easy to find and readily accessible.


Modernizing the design and aesthetic of the website gives the Chamber a fresh, bold feel, instilling feelings of relevance, confidence, and credibility.

Keeping the content of the website organized, digestible, and useful ensures the website is valuable to targeted visitors. Structuring the surplus of information into a visual hierarchy influences visitors’ perceptions and guides them to desired information or actions. 

The website content is relevant to two main user groups: current chamber members, and potential members or local businesses. To avoid any segmentation or confusion with the opposing target audiences, the goal was to provide resources, benefits, and advertising for existing members, also benefited any potential new members or new businesses. Drilling down these main areas of focus allowed us to create a menu structure that is scalable and uncomplicated. The menu structure governs the website’s flow and connection from page to page, guiding visitors’ navigation through the website and encouraging targeted actions, like filling out a web form or signing up to become a member.

Creating structure to the website’s many resources may also help resolve any outlying inquiries visitors may have, reducing confusion, instilling confidence, and minimizing the amount of unnecessary manual administrative work required for the staff. Strong call-to-action increases desired contact with the Chamber, while organized and valuable content reduces the amout of undesirable contact. Effectively using the website as a tool to create workflows and efficiencies within the business, in addition to being revenue building.

We are very excited for the live launch of the new website!

Swift Current Chamber
Karla Wiens CEO, Swift Current & District Chamber of Commerce

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