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Cloud computing is without a doubt the technology trend that is creating the most buzz. Both Microsoft and Apple have developed products, marketing campaigns, and services that revolve around the cloud. Just ask anyone with an iPhone what the cloud is and they’ll talk about “iCloud” – Apples instant media syncing service.  But what does the cloud mean to small business? And can small businesses even utilize it?

The fact is we live in a global business environment and up until now small businesses have had difficulties competing with the big players on a technology front  as they could not afford to absorb the costs associated with the necessary IT capabilities that the larger company’s have.

Well cloud computing has changed all that, and will continue to.  Here are a few example of how small businesses can start utilizing the cloud today in their environment:

These are only a few of the ways a small business could benefit from the cloud, but there are others as well. As the price of this technology continues to fall and the barrier to entry is lowered, be prepared to see more and more small businesses utilizing cloud based technologies.