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Believe it or not, even in 2012 there are businesses that feel a website is an unnecessary expense. Here are our top 10 reasons (among hundreds) of why you’re missing a big opportunity without one. Sit back and enjoy.

10.  That’s where your customers are.  With billions of Internet users online everyday, there are thousands of potential clients looking for your business.

9.  It’s more effective than local advertising.  While only the surrounding population can find your contact information in the yellow pages or see advertisements in the local paper, the entire world can find your information on the Internet.  You open your business to more possibilities. This allows you to think outside the box with what you’re selling.

8.  Consumers and clients are more informed and will want to research your business without you knowing about it.  They can easily do this by looking at what you have to offer on your website.

7. If your business was a store, consider that your website is your storefront.  Potential clients can browse your products online and consider you in their search for their perfect partner.

6.  People are already talking about you, whether it be on their Facebook pages or Twitter accounts.  If they liked your service, they are going to let others know about it.  Make it easier to find you by directing them to your website.

5. Your competitors have an edge over your business if they have a website and you don’t.  If they can be found online, and you can’t, clients/customers may likely choose the business with the website.

4. It is relatively inexpensive.  When compared with continual spending on advertising in magazines, billboards, magnetic signs, newspapers, or having brochures printed. It is a small investment that can grow with your business.

3.  It is the first step in social media marketing.  Your website is the foundation to which all of your online marketing is directed to.  Your Facebook page and Twitter posts should always redirect your potential clients/customers to your website.

2. Your business can be at your customer’s fingertips.  Everyday, smartphone users are searching Google for phone numbers, addresses, and web sites while they are on the go.  If they can find you, you are ahead of your competitors.

1. A website can show in just seconds what kind of business you are.  They may never have a chance to speak to a representative from your company, or an employee, or visit your headquarters, but they can get to know your business just by looking around your website.