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Tablets are everywhere now, but what are the best slates for your business? We’ve unpacked the details and created this quick list for you:

iPad Air

Yes everyone loves the iPads, but it’s the most popular tablet for a reason – business included. The Air is thinner, lighter and more powerful than previous iPads, making it ideal for business use. And of course the Apple App Store packs a ton of useful, productive apps that make you efficient on the go. Apple even offers its business software for free now, giving you the likes of Pages, Numbers and Keynote at your finger tips without any extra expenditure. The big draw back of the iPad Air? The price. As with all of Apple’s products, the Air carries a premium price tag so equipping your whole office will set you back a fair bit.

Microsoft Surface Pro 2

Probably the biggest rival to the iPad Air in the business arena is the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 (Currently Microsoft has the Surface Pro 3 available for Pre- Order), which sets itself up as a device predominantly for the business market. While the iPad Air will sing harmoniously with Macs, the Surface Pro 2 has a similar relationship with Windows PCs – allowing you to effortlessly sync your contacts, calendars and work between computer and tablet. The Surface Pro 2 takes things a step further with the addition of a kickstand and a clip on keyboard, allowing it to bridge the gap between tablet and laptop, allowing you to have just one device instead of two.

Unlike iOS and Android tablets, the Surface Pro 2 runs the full desktop version of Windows 8.1, giving you all the same power and functionality of a computer on a tablet. With the full Windows experience you also get the full Microsoft Office suite, allowing you to work on all your documents without having to settle for a pared down mobile version. However, the Surface Pro 2 is more expensive than the iPad Air, although it’s possible to replace your laptop with this device.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4

This Samsung tab has a smaller footprint (similar to the iPad mini), but is geared towards the business market (hence the ‘Pro’ in the name).  The Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4  sports an 8.4-inch display, boasting a 1600 x 2560 resolution which gives a crystal clear image. You get some impressive power too with a 2.3GHz quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM and the option to have a 4G version on top of the standard Wi-Fi only model.