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Once upon a time, on a cold dark night, a server crashed………

If you ask anyone at Partek what our biggest fear is, you’ll never hear of ghost stories, zombies or apocalyptic scenarios. In fact, our number one fear that’s keeping us up at night, the experience we work to avoid more than any other, is Downtime. One word that encompass a wide variety of emotions, from frustration to panic, all the way to despair. But just because we fear downtime so much, doesn’t mean we shy away from protecting our clients from it  – in fact, we work hard (sometimes late into the night) to avoid it at all costs.

There are countless stories and tales roaming the internet about data loss, downtime, and other disasters that cost thousands in dollars and hours in lost productivity. Statistics, combined with scary stories of days of downtime, combine for some chilling accounts of what can happen when you’re not protecting your business from the harsh realities of hardware failure, system outages, and other disasters that can impact mission critical operations.

So How Do We Avoid Downtime?

Our Partek360 clients benefit from our Remote Monitoring & Management tools that allow us to proactively monitor their entire computer infrastructure and act on potential issues before they cause downtime. We also work with our clients to implement solutions from the Partek Cloud, such as Hosted Exchange, Hosted Servers and Online Backup, to provide more available services and take the pressure of hosting critical infrastructure in house. What’s more, we are able to implement an all encompassing  solution that provides multiple levels of backup and redundancy, just in case something out of our control happens. The key to avoiding downtime is to minimize the potential for it to occur by monitoring every aspect of IT that has the potential to be business impacting if it went offline.

Is the fear of downtime keeping you up at night? Ask us about Partek360.