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Your business depends on its technology – your network, computers, server, printers, even mobile devices now. You can’t run an efficient business without working technology.  But we all know that technology requires a level of I.T. support. Systems are complicated, programs need updates, changes result in additional problems. So, how do you support that environment?

Traditional IT support meant you placed a service call and waited for a technician to be dispatched to troubleshoot the issue. Maybe you need to send an important email or access critical information, but the system or data is inaccessible and you have to wait for the technician to show.  This support model is commonly referred to as  break/fix, essentially forfeiting precious up-time for diagnosis, travel and repair, all while you’re paying for it.

The solution to this is Managed Services. Partek360 is our Managed Services Solutions that provides dozens of benefits to our customers. Alongside a predictable flat-rate bill, Partek360 customers enjoy:

Partek360 provides you with the assurance that your organization’s IT infrastructure receives the required level of support it demands to keep operating. We are able to respond rapidly to changes in the health of your network and to your requests for support. Partek’s award-winning IT support capabilities empower us to dramatically reduce the time it takes to diagnose and resolve network problems or failures; in some cases preventing them before they happen. This translates into increased employee productivity, cost savings, and peace of mind.