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Your I.T. support is broken, and we need to fix it.

Here’s the thing, I.T. support is like a diet – when a new I.T. Company comes on board to service your network everyone gets excited and enthusiastic.  Service is quick, attention to detail is top notch. You feel like their most important client. But after time they fall out of the habit, and you fall to the wayside. Response times decrease and customer service goes down the drain.

So what happened, and how do we fix it? First, let me ask you – What if there was a better way?

What if… you had a central help desk that could respond to your technical support requests as if they were your own in-house IT department?

What if… a technician could remotely access your computer in a matter of minutes and resolve your technical problems?

What if… your network was proactively monitored, your anti-virus and security was proactively monitored, and your backup and disaster recovery plans were insured?

What if …. you had a flat rate bill every month so you knew exactly how much your IT will cost you?

And most importantly, what if it was all easy, effortless, and backed by incredible people?

This is Partek360. Our Managed Services solution provides our clients of all sizes all over Western Canada with reliable, predictable, efficient IT support for their business. No matter the size of the organization, or the requirements they have on technology, Partek360 Managed Services always fits their business and technology demands. If you think that Partek360 might be a good fit for your business, then Contact Us to learn how we con fix your IT support.