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Next Step Residential Services Ltd.

Next Step Residential Services provides a full line of services to assist people with disabilities and encourages independence, a meaningful community presence, and an enriched quality of life.
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Next Step Residential Services Ltd. faced a significant challenge with their outdated website. The existing platform was burdened with obsolete content, including services they no longer provided, and exhibited a lack of mobile friendliness. The overall aesthetic was dated, hindering the organization’s ability to effectively engage with their audience. To compound matters, the absence of online application capabilities for services and employment created operational inefficiencies for both clients and the organization.


In tackling the website’s challenges, we undertook a content overhaul, ensuring accuracy and relevance by providing a detailed representation of their current services. In addition, we build the website out on a CMS platform for simplified content updates and management, in order to streamline the websites use and extend its longevity. As part of the redevelopment, we also focused on modernizing and revamping the aesthetic to align with contemporary design standards. 

Recognizing the need for enhanced accessibility, we implemented an online application system. This involved creating user-friendly interfaces for both service requests and employment applications, simplifying processes for clients and optimizing recruitment efforts for Next Step Residential Services Ltd. 

As part of the IT Management Services we currently provide for Next Step Residential, we also initiated a thorough IT consolidation of their website assets, such as their domain and DNS, in order to seamlessly integrate and centralize their existing systems with our solutions. This not only allows for enhanced operational efficiency, but also laid the foundation for a more streamlined and cohesive digital infrastructure.


The solution provided by Partek resulted in a transformative upgrade to Next Step Residential Services Ltd.’s digital presence. The IT consolidation significantly improved backend operations, fostering a more efficient and integrated workflow.

The website’s modernized aesthetic not only improved visual appeal but also enhanced user experience across various devices. The accurate and detailed representation of current services empowered visitors with relevant information, contributing to increased engagement and satisfaction.

The introduction of online application capabilities marked a pivotal shift in client interactions and internal processes. Clients could now seamlessly apply for services online, and prospective employees could easily submit applications, streamlining operations for Next Step Residential Services Ltd. and enhancing their overall service delivery.

In conclusion, our holistic approach not only addressed the challenges presented but also elevated Next Step Residential Services Ltd.’s digital presence, positioning them for increased success in the ever-evolving online landscape.

We love the new website! We love how you have split the descriptions up into sections for each home. It looks great!

Brennan Strachan Owner, Belcore Homes

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