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To assist fellow business owners and executives, whether clients or not, we’ve put together the most relevant information to help navigate this unprecedented event from a business perspective.

You’ll find resources on working remotely, avoiding COVID-19 based scams, and keeping your business operating during this crisis. We’ll continue to update the resources found on this page as there are new developments and programs available.

5 Steps to Working Safely From Home

Working From Home (WFH) presents some unique productivity and security challenges. This guide provides tips to make the transition easier. Use this as a guide to plan for WFH, or to distribute to your staff.

Avoiding Coronavirus Scams

Hackers and Cyber Criminals are taking advantage of fears surrounding Coronavirus to try and profit from consumers’ fears, uncertainties and misinformation. This guide provides ways to avoid becoming their next victim and should be provided to all staff.

Disaster Recovery Checklist

Hope for the best, but plan for the worst. Now is a great time to review your disaster plans. Download this checklist to get your Disaster Recovery Planning started.

Work From Home (WFH) Policy 

What expectations do you have for your team regarding working remotely? What guidelines are you providing them?