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UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who helped support the Disaster Relief Fundraiser 🙌🏻 . We were able to distribute $350 in Sobey’s gift cards to the families impacted by the storm.

The devastation caused by the storm in Cypress County is heartbreaking and we realize it must be such a difficult time for the families impacted. We were fortunate enough to be able to connect with a handful of the families and hear their stories. We hope that this small gesture of support from local businesses helps in some way.

We want to extend an extra big thanks to The Copper Leaf Cafe for partnering with us on this initiative and for supplying coffee and cookies!

Chat News featured our initiative in an article on August 18, 2022:  


Looking for the best place to park your lawn chair for the Stampede Parade?

Visit us at 132 4th Ave SE on Medicine Hat Stampede Parade day, July 28th 2022, from 9 AM – 11 AM for coffee and snacks from The Copper Leaf Cafe!

All proceeds raised will be donated to support the communities and families affected by the tornado.