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Where would we be without email? A staple of the 21st century. In fact, it may even be old technology now. Some educational institutions have stopped handing out email addresses, and are giving students Twitter accounts to communicate with instead.

But running your businesses email can come with some pitfalls. It’s not just as simple as having [email protected] and getting your email on your computer. There are mobile devices, and web access and a variety of email platforms to use. So, why does this matter?

A few years ago it was good enough to just have an email address for your business. Now, it’s how you use that email that matters. There are a few factors we take into consideration when we look at new clients’ email setup:

  1. Is it reliable (properly hosted)
  2. Is it redundant (or does losing your hard drive mean losing your email)
  3. Is it accessible from anywhere ( through the web, on mobile devices, from your office computer)
  4. Are all of those devices synchronized – can you access all of your folders, sent mail, etc from any computer, anywhere.

Email in the 21st century is not just about having the address anymore – it’s about accessibility and reliability.  Make sure your email is safe, secure and accessible to avoid losing a critical business tool.