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Finding the right business computer can often be a challenge. Sure you can call up your local computer store or IT consultant, and ask them to put together a proposal for you, but sometimes you’re stuck with what they suggest, often wondering if it really is the right solution for you. As long as it fits in the budget, you make the purchase, without really knowing what you’re getting until you get it.

Introducing the Dell PC Advisor. This really simple tool allows business owners to answer a few questions regarding their specific needs for the computer. Questions such as; “Are you going to be mobile with the computer?”, “Is data backup really important to you?”, and so on. Once you’ve completed the online advisor it will notify us at Partek and we’ll get in touch with you to discuss your selection.

The real advantage of this tool is that you now feel like you’re in the loop when it comes to your computer purchasing. You’re able to directly impact the selection of hardware based on exactly what you intend to use the computer for. Since it’s coming straight from the horses mouth there’s less chance of getting  a computer that’s not meeting your needs.

Check out the Dell PC Advisor here.