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There are a variety of methods you can use to access your business I.T .systems remotely, however, not all of them are secure or provide the same level of security. Below is a list of best practices for remotely accessing your corporate I.T. systems if you are in a work from home situation:

1. Enforce Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Utilize an industry-standard 2FA solution to protect against unwanted people accessing your company computers outside your network.

2. Provide Company-Owned Hardware (if possible)

If possible provide a company-owned laptop or tablet for remote access. This is a device you and your IT company can control, versus a home computer in which you have no control over.

3. Understand the Risks of Home Computers

Home computers are outside the perimeter of your company network, and therefore out of your control. Your staff could be accessing the company network from an outdated operating system with no anti-virus protection.

4. Remote Desktop with Gateway Only

If using Remote Desktop, or RDP, ensure that Remote Desktop Gateway is configured. This prevents the remote computer from sharing resources with the company network.

5. Partek Control with 2FA

Our preferred method of remote work is to utilize our Partek Remote Control software through remote web browser with Two Factor Authentication enabled. This allows for secure access from a home or remote computer, to the office computer, without relying on technologies such as remote desktop. Two Factor Authentication adds another layer or security to this solution.