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Key Outcomes:

Partek installs state of the art wireless network for the Medicine Hat Exhibition & Stampede.

Medicine Hat Exhibition & Stampede now has the capability to work within all buildings on their campus, tying the organization’s data stream together to enhance communications and productivity. The flow of data in a reliable manner is the heartbeat of company efficiency, and now Medicine Hat Exhibition & Stampede has the capacity to do that.


With a large sprawling campus across multiple buildings, the Medicine Hat Exhibition & Stampede sees tens of thousands of visitors every year. Multiple systems from internal resources, to ticketing, to providing guest wireless access rely on a secure, stable, high-speed wireless network.

Medicine Hat Exhibition & Stampede was incorporated in 1947 and is a volunteer community service organization established to provide the City of Medicine Hat and District with programs, events, and facilities.  With their large campus they looked to Partek to implement a site-wide wireless solution for their variety of applications.


Keeping in mind that Medicine Hat Exhibition & Stampede is a non-profit organization, it was important to design a system that balanced performance, reliability, but also cost.

High availability, reliable hardware was going to be key for this project, with a focus on warranty and support. Partek knew that Cambium Networks would be the optimal provider for this hardware given its track record of providing highly reliable enterprise hardware. Point-to-point wireless would be utilized across buildings to connect the campus and provide access to critical backend systems. With events already planned for the season, it was vital to complete the project within the time parameters specified by South Country Coop.


Partek, along with Cambium Networks, architected a completely integrated site-wide wireless solution for Medicine Hat Exhibition & Stampede . Using the Cambium cnPilot solution Partek envisioned a more streamlined approach to their wireless network, combined with centralized management.

Access points across the entire campus were replaced, along with core switches for Power over Ethernet capability. Our technical team installed and provisioned all access points with minimal downtime, and within the appropriate window provided.

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