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Recent studies, and even analytics from our own website, shows that over 50% of traffic to conventional business websites are coming from mobile devices.  In today’s mobile age customers and prospects are checking out your service, product or solution on the go, in social settings, from their phone or tablet. Recommendations from friends and family are prompting potential customers to access your website while they are not in front of their physical computer. Plus with the advancement in mobile handsets, faster mobile browsers, and cheaper phone plans, it’s more attractive than ever to pull a website up on your iPhone now, rather than wait until you’re in front of your laptop later.

So, if so many people are accessing your website from a mobile device, shouldn’t it present itself to them in a useful manner? We’ve all been to websites on a mobile device that are hard to read – you have to pinch and zoom and scroll just to make your way around. You’re more likely to leave the site and go somewhere else out of frustration, and you’re certainly less like to stay on the site for a longer period of time.

Introducing Responsive Design: Partek websites are built using a responsive design. This allows for the website itself to detect what screen size you’re coming from, and display the site in an appropriate manner. Take a look at the project we did for the Now We’re Talking 2014 Conference. You’ll see how the side shows differently for the various screen sizes.


With a responsive design visitors are more likely to spend longer on your website, view more pages, and eventually get in touch with you.

Pull your website up on your iPhone or Blackberry and see how it looks. Is it easy to navigate? Can you get to the menu quickly and efficiently? If not, it may be time for a redesign to a responsive design.